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Thank You Scientist Cracks Billboard Top 200 Thank You Scientist Cracks Billboard Top 200
December 15th 2014
Hot off the heels of their 25 date run with prog legends Coheed and Cambria (including 13 sellouts!), Vigier artists Thank You Scientist keep charging forward. The re-mixed/re-mastered version of their debut full length "Maps of Non-existent Places" has debuted on the Billboard Top 200 at #153, #4 on the Heatseaker chart, and #14 on the Hard Rock chart.

Luckily for music fans, Tom Monda and crew are already gearing up to record their next release, due out in 2015. They've debuted a few new songs live and we can tell you from personal experience, Tom's fretless work on this upcoming album is going to be a benchmark for the instrument.

Tom's current stable of Vigier's includes; an Expert Standard 63, an Excalibur Supra and an Excalibur Surfreter Supra. Greg Colacino, the band's bassist, is also using a pair of Passion basses.

The sounds of the future are being made on Vigier instruments, join Vigier on this excellent journey!
Tom Monda and his Vigier Excalibur Surfreter Supra

5 Questions with: Lee Luland 5 Questions with: Lee Luland
November 07th 2014
Lee Luland is a UK guitar prodigy who has been turning heads for a few years now, either with some stunning solo material or on the road with his band 'Prospekt'. Expect big things from Lee, with a solo album and Prospekt's 2nd studio album both due for release in 2015.

We caught up with Lee, a new Vigier artist, to ask a few questions…

1. Tell us what is up with Lee Luland?
Busy working on a lot of new music at the moment. I'm currently writing music for both a solo project and the next Prospekt album, which is almost done. We have some big plans for album two - not to mention a very special new addition to the band. It's all pretty exciting and we hope to have the album out early next year.

2. What makes you reach for a guitar more than anything else?
When I feel inspired and energised to compose mainly. Anything from a good piece of music, a movie or video game may push me to grab the guitar and start composing. Other than that, I just love playing guitar. I play everyday ...
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Guns N Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Democracy 3D
September 01st 2014
Legendary rock band Guns N' Roses have taken the desert by storm and laid claim on Las Vegas' Hard Rock Casino. This absolute ambush on the city of sin, captured in HD/3D, puts you in the best seat in the house for an electrifying once in a lifetime live concert performance.

Filmed during GNR’s Appetite For Democracy residency at The Joint in November 2012, celebrating twenty-five years of “Appetite for Destruction”and four years of “Chinese Democracy”, the elaborate Vegas style production features Rock Icon Axl Rose at the top of his game with Vigier's very own Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal on guitar, performing some of GNR’s biggest hits including;

“Welcome To The Jungle”, “Sweet Child Of Mine”, “Mr Brownstone”, “November Rain”, “Chinese Democracy”, Dylan’s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”, “Nightrain”, McCartney’s “Live And Let Die”, “Paradise City”, and many more hard rockin hits!

This is the first live concert release from Guns N’ Roses, since Use Your Illusion II in 1992. Charting at ...
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MusicNomad Adds Band & Orchestra and Piano & Keyboard Care Products MusicNomad Adds Band & Orchestra and Piano & Keyboard Care Products
August 22nd 2014
MusicNomad Equipment Care is expanding its product line, adding Band & Orchestra and Piano/Keyboard care products.

“Our guitar, drum and cymbal care products have been well received worldwide since they were introduced 4 years ago. Frequently, our dealers ask us about adding B&O and Piano care products. Well, that time is here and we’re excited to add our premium and contemporary line of products to the marketplace,” says Rand Rognlien, owner and product developer.

Product additions include: Valve Oil, T-Slide Trombone Lubricant, Bore Oil, Silver Polish, Lacquer Polish, Polishing cloths for Piano/Keyboard, Brass and Woodwind, String Instrument, Piano ONE polish, Key ONE Key and Keyboard cleaner.

All products have gone through a rigorous product testing by some of the key players in the industry. The formulations are proprietary, eco-friendlier and smell great. The product packaging is also unique with its contemporary and eye catching design.

"With these additional ...
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Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal rocked the Guitar Gods US tour! Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal rocked the Guitar Gods US tour!
August 08th 2014
This summer, Vigier's Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal joined Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth and Gary Hoey for the first-ever Guitar Gods festival tour.

For five weeks and 13,000 miles, bouncing around the US and Canada, this amazing show, billed an "epic celebration — six-plus hours — of the instrument for a full evening of guitar pyrotechnics" rocked fans from all over the world.
Check out the Facebook page to see pics, videos and more from this amazing tour...

Bumblefoot brings the heat to Dubai!! Bumblefoot brings the heat to Dubai!!
July 23th 2014
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal's award winning Hot Sauce is going to be distributed throughout the Middle East through the "Classic Rock Coffee Company". The Classic Rock Coffee Company are a coffee shop franchise with a rock music theme. Ron will be in Dubai for the launch and here is his itinerary;

Thursday July 31st, 2014 - Acoustic Show at Classic Rock Coffee shop, followed by a meet-n-greet.

Friday August 1st, 2014 - Concert with Award Winning Rock Band 'Point of View' at The Music Room in Dubai. Ron will be performing together with Point of View, playing Bumblefoot music, Point Of View music, and maybe a few Guns N' Roses classics!

Saturday August 2nd, 2014 - Guitar Workshop at Classic Rock Coffee shop - performing, Q&A, music talk, impromptu jamming and a meet-n-greet at the end. In addition unique merchandise by Classic Rock Coffee Co and Bumblefoot will also be available at the store.

Go feel the heat with Ron!!
Bumblefoot brings the heat to Dubai!!

Crossrock 306 Series - style and protection combined! Crossrock 306 Series - style and protection combined!
July 21st 2014
The award-winning Crossrock 306 series gig-bags, offer premium quality protection, with a sleek modern design. They feature a large double pocket, perfect for carrying books / laptops etc as well as a smaller pocket at the top, which is ideal for the storage of cables and tuners.

Designed with 30mm of high-density padding, the outside of the 306 series gig-bags have a waterproof, polyester coating (600D) and the typical Crossrock look. The reinforced side handle encompasses the instrument on its entire width, so the load is far better distributed on the gig-bag.

Not only will the 306 series gig-bags protect your closest treasure, but they will do it with style!

Available for electric, acoustic, classical, and bass guitar.
SRP £49.99.
Crossrock 306 series gig-bag

Mysterious Green vs. Tina S. Mysterious Green vs. Tina S.
July 09th 2014
On the occasion of the release of Tina S's last video, in which she interpreted 'The Loner' (Garry Moore), we had the pleasure to ask Tina three questions about her new Excalibur Special Mysterious Green, which she reveals in the video.

- Why did you choose the Excalibur Special?
I chose this guitar because it corresponds with me perfectly. The Excalibur Special answers all my technical criteria besides having dream aesthetics, together with the neck, pickups and woods combined, it is simply the complete package.

- What are the biggest changes compared to your Excalibur Custom?
The big difference is situated with the sound of the pickups. My Excalibur Custom has Seymour Duncan pickups while this new guitar is equipped with DiMarzio pickups. They are more aggressive pickups, that have a higher output and I like that.
For the neck, the enormous difference is feel of the fingerboard. I indeed opted for a Rosewood fingerboard for my Special and the sensations of feel are very interesting.
The ...
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Vigier - Stainless steel frets Vigier - Stainless steel frets
June 03th 2014
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, craft all their instruments, exclusively equipped with stainless steel frets. Although stainless steel is a difficult material to work with, once in place, these frets last 5 times longer than traditional frets.

Furthermore, stainless steel frets give you a real improvement with comfort; because there is minimal resistance, they allow you to glide across the fretboard, effortlessly bending and sliding, with real precision.

When you know a re-fret costs around £150 to £300, it is an important aspect to take into account, when making the choice of your future instrument.

Vigier. Hand crafted excellence.

In photo, the Excalibur Indus. RRP; £1459
In photo, the Excalibur Indus. RRP; £1459

RapcoHorizon - take the experiment! RapcoHorizon - take the experiment!
May 12th 2014
RapcoHorizon, saviours of tone, challenges you to take the experiment!

- Take an electric guitar equipped with single coil pickups, put the volume of the guitar to zero and connect to an amplifier.
- Switch on the amplifier completely and turn up the volume (of the amplifier only).
- Take the cable and bang it on a hard surface (the floor).

If you hear the sound of the impact through your amplifier, it's because you don't have a RapcoHorizon cable...

RapcoHorizon, the No.1 U.S. cable brand is indeed, the only U.S. brand to actually manufacture their own cable.
With RapcoHorizon's expertise in manufacturing the perfect cable, together with the right choice of connectors and a superb quality assembly, the result is a far superior cable, capable of delivering 100% of your tone, without, any of the annoying sound parasites.

Once you've made the test, nothing can beat RapcoHorizon, saviours of your tone!
In the photo, the famous, indestructible, Hot Shrink cables.

The Great Bass Misdirection The Great Bass Misdirection
May 06th 2014
If you possess a Warwick bass equipped with bronze frets, we recommend that you use the MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner to clean them.

MusicNomad's exclusive, acid free formula, was conceived to clean cymbals, but turns out to be very effective on bronze frets, which are made from a very close material.

This product presents no risk to your health, or touch because it contains no corrosive chemicals.
Instead, you will find all the characteristic shine of your instrument is returned to its most brilliant.

Naturally, if you want to clean cymbals, it also works!
MusicNomad MN111 - Cymbal Cleaner

Vigier Re-Introduces the Excalibur Thirteen Vigier Re-Introduces the Excalibur Thirteen
April 14th 2014
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre, re-introduced the Excalibur Thirteen at this year's winter NAMM show in all new finishes.

The Excalibur Thirteen was introduced at NAMM 2013 as a Limited Edition in Volcano Red. This year, Vigier are proud to announce that the Thirteen will be joining the line up permanently. The guitar will be available in a number of exclusive finishes and was unveiled in Monarchy Gold at the show.

10/90 carbon reinforced neck, 24 frets (25.6" scale) - available with Rosewood or Maple fingerboard, Stainless Steel frets, Zero Fret, Teflon Nut, Flexretainer.
Vigier 2011 tremolo pivoting on needles bearings.
Body; French Alder
Pickups; Amber 'Rock' w/ Killswitch.

See the vRef software for full details and options available on your next Vigier!
The Excalibur Thirteen

Crossrock: 206 Series Crossrock: 206 Series
April 02nd 2014
Recently available on the UK market, Crossrock gig-bags are a serious choice for guitar players looking for great protection for their beloved instrument.
The 206 series gig-bags and their modern design, offer 20mm high-density padding, a large double pocket which permits you to carry laptop, cables, effects and accessories with you. 
The Polyester/600D coating will protect your instrument from our variable climate…and even if you have decided to spend your winter in a tropical country, be sure to bring your instrument with the best protection it deserves!

CR-SG206E BLK: SRP £39.99

RapcoHorizon - on tour with... RapcoHorizon - on tour with...
March 18th 2014
RapcoHorizon - saviours of tone, saviours of the planet...

You have the very best guitar, you have the perfect amp, but still you wonder why your tone isn't the nirvana you are looking for??

Just check out some of the artists using RapcoHorizon cables night after night, tour after tour? Why? Because they need the very best performance in terms of tone, signal and durability. That is why RapcoHorizon is the only choice for today's cutting edge artists.

Don't take our word for it, plug into the highest quality, US cables available, delivering tone for life and you will find the missing piece of your tonal puzzle.

With eco-friendly packaging you really are saving the planet at the same time…RapcoHorizon; the only cables you can trust with your tone.
RapcoHorizon - on tour with...

RIP Lapiro de Mbanga RIP Lapiro de Mbanga
March 17th 2014
Today we learned that the world has lost a true inspiration. Lapiro de Mbanga, musical “freedom fighter” and long time Vigier Guitars artist, who we very passionately helped fight, along with Freemuse, against his illegal imprisonment by the Cameroon government.

RIP Lapiro, your music will live on forever. x

(Photo by Jen Bell)
RIP Lapiro de Mbanga

Mysterious... Mysterious...
March 17th 2014
Two new colours are available from the catalogue Vigier.

Named respectively Mysterious Blue and Mysterious Green, they are available on the Excalibur's with Maple tops; Custom, Surfreter Special, Special, Ultra EMG and Ultra Blues.

It would seem that our best feminine hope, Tina S, opted for Mysterious Green...

Do not hesitate to download vRef to know the available options for every model and their costs. Enter the code HTD-UK01 for the UK retail prices.
vRef software to realise your next Vigier

MusicNomad launches GuitarTracker, a virtual roadie for keeping track and maintaining your gear. MusicNomad launches GuitarTracker, a virtual roadie for keeping track and maintaining your gear.
March 06th 2014
MusicNomad Equipment Care introduces GuitarTracker (, the first web based app to keep track and maintain your gear. This free web app was developed for MusicNomad customers to use, but is available to all musicians. The user creates an inventory of their gear ranging from guitars, amps, pedals and more. For each item the user may upload photos, year-make-model, serial number, purchase price, string info, and more. Logging serial number and photos is critical in the case of theft. The database primarily focuses on guitars, but one may upload information on any equipment via your computer, tablet or phone.

GuitarTracker links to manufacturers’ websites, giving musicians the most up to date information about the care and maintenance of their gear, warranty, online forums, and replacement parts. Load in your preferred guitar repair shop info and email/share info for each guitar. GuitarTracker has pre-loaded maintenance tasks that suggest future dates to keep ...
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Black Matte & vRef Black Matte & vRef
February 27th 2014
The colour Black Matte, appeared for the first time on the DoubleBfoot and is consequently available on most guitars and basses with an Alder body.

This colour is linked to a matched matt black pickguard. Pictured is an Excalibur Surfreter Supra in Black Matte with the Imetal fingerboard.

Download Vigier's vRef software for all the current options and prices; (use the code HTD-UK01 with the aid of the '€' button to acquire UK RRP's).

For those who have already downloaded software, remember to update vRef to see all the new options!
Excalibur Surfreter Supra in Black Matte

Vigier Unveils the Excalibur Ultra AP Vigier Unveils the Excalibur Ultra AP
February 07th 2014
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre, presented the new Excalibur Ultra AP at the 2014 NAMM Show.

This is an Excalibur Ultra HSH equipped with handwound Amber pickups and an active boost. The active boost can be controlled via a convenient and unobtrusive switch, placed near the volume pot and pickup selector.

Unlike the Excalibur Ultra, which is equipped with active EMG pickups, the Ultra AP sports passive pickups and only the boost is active. This boost is especially transparent, is controllable and has over 1000 hours of battery life.

- Alder body with Maple top
- 90/10 Maple neck with reinforced carbon
- 24 frets, Maple or Rosewood fingerboard with stainless steel frets + zero fret
- Vigier 2011 vibrato on needles bearings, teflon nut and Flexretainer
- HSH Amber pickups with chrome covers
- Vigier active boost Vigier operable via a mini switch
The Excalibur Ultra AP

Care for your loved ones this Christmas Care for your loved ones this Christmas
December 09th 2013
Give the gift of care this Christmas.
MusicNomad, the pinnacle of instrument care, presents two very special, all-in-one instrument care packs.
Packed full with the premier instrument care products. Be it a simple wipe clean or a detailed de-grime and restore, MusicNomad's care packs have the right product for you...

Guitarists...from MusicNomad's award winning range, you will find;
MN108 Guitar Care System
The Guitar ONE - The first Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly one step answer to effortlessly achieving a show perfect shine.
For every fretboard need there is the F-ONE oil - specially formulated using 100% naturally produced oils and is safe on all unfinished rosewood, ebony and maple fretboards. F-ONE oil is preferred by some of the most respected repair shops in the world.
Polish, the perfect choice to give your instrument a face lift - Work in and wipe off the premium silicone free polish to restore and revive dull, hazy and scuffed surfaces. Safe on all lacquer ...
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Crossrock comes to High Tech... Crossrock comes to High Tech...
December 05th 2013
High Tech Distribution U.K. is proud to announce the exclusive distribution of Crossrock Gig Bags & Cases - effective protection for musical instruments, guitars, drums, woodwind, brass, keyboard, cello, double bass, amplifiers and accessories.

A former OEM manufacturer who made instrument cases for the biggest case companies in the industry (Ritter,TKL etc.), has brought all of it's capabilities under one new brand name. Crossrock.

Besides offering 4 levels of gig bags, Crossrock also provides high-quality poly-foam, flat and archtop plywood, and ABS moulded cases. In addition to these more common models, Crossrock has also developed several models of instrument cases using more durable, but lighter materials such as poly-carbonite, fibreglass and carbon fibre.

Crossrock - Highly effective protection for your instrument.
Crossrock Products

String Fuel - All in One String Cleaner and Lubricant String Fuel - All in One String Cleaner and Lubricant
November 12th 2013
String Fuel is a hybrid blend of refined naturally occurring oils, that are speed blended with premium quality mineral oils, to deliver a string cleaner and lubricant unlike any other.

MusicNomad's proprietary formulation allows you to clean and protect your strings, so that they last longer and sound better, while reducing finger noise and enhancing the speed you can slide your fingers.

It's silicone free, safe for any finish and even conditions unfinished fretboard wood.

Includes the String Fuel solution, impregnated in a no-mess ergonomic applicator and a lint free microfibre cloth, that cleverly stores inside the applicator handle.
MN109 - String Fuel

The Humitar - Acoustic Guitar Humidifier The Humitar - Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
October 23th 2013
Acoustic guitar wood needs moisture to play and look its best. A dry guitar can warp, shrink and worse yet, crack!

MusicNomad, the leader in equipment care products, has developed an easy to use, no mess and low maintenance guitar humidifier. The Humitar safely releases moisture evenly to eliminate these potential problems.

The innovative Humid-i-Bar sponge holds a lot more water than the competition. This means less monitoring on your end, while resting assured your fine guitar is being cared for.

Time to check the Humitar? Easy! Pop the top, touch the insert; if it's wet leave it, if it's dry, it's time to rehydrate. Rehydrating is a cinch - simply remove the Humid-i-Bar sponge, soak it in distilled water and you're back in action - easy no mess and low maintenance.

That's MusicNomad quality - raising the bar in the equipment care industry.

MN300 - The Humitar - Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
MN300 - The Humitar - Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

In remembrance of... In remembrance of...
September 26th 2013
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the passing of Shawn Lane, Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, is proud to announce the limited edition, Excalibur Shawn Lane Signature, in Paradise White. Production will be limited to 10 guitars for the public.

Relatively unknown in France, this virtuoso guitarist inspired a cult following in the United States, so much so, that his signature model is now one of our best export models.

This special guitar incorporates all the unique features of the Excalibur Shawn Lane Signature, namely:
- A slightly shorter scale of 630mm (a typical Excalibur is 650mm)
- A flat fingerboard that allows the lowest possible action across the board.
We guarantee 0.7 mm on the 12th fret of the High E, and 1 mm on the Low E.

We're confident this is the lowest supplied action of any production guitar!

Features unique to this collectors piece are; Paradise White colour, matching pickguard, white pickup bobbins as well as special white control knobs ...
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Vigier Factory Tour June 2013 Vigier Factory Tour June 2013
August 20th 2013
DJ Scully, General Manager for Vigier in the USA was lucky enough to
spend about a week in the factory in June of this year. He tried to
take as many photos as possible (and as Patrice would allow) to give
the public a little glimpse into how we do things at Vigier HQ in
France. The way we do things is certainly not typical and hopefully
this will give you an idea of what separates Vigier from the rest. If
there's something in this post that you would like more detail on
please contact us and we'll do our best to answer you. On with the

A lot of customers believe their instruments get started when their
order is placed. This is a very reasonable assumption, but Vigier
guitars and basses start life a little differently than most other
manufacturers' products do. The process of actually building a guitar
is started years before an order is placed.

We get our Alder and Maple from a local French lumber supplier (the
wood comes from French forests, too). Then we sit ...
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5 Questions With: Tom Monda (Thank You Scientist) 5 Questions With: Tom Monda (Thank You Scientist)
July 22nd 2013
If you don’t know who Tom Monda is, you need to get hip real quick. Tom is one of Vigier’s newest additions to the artist roster and he and his band Thank You Scientist are making big waves. Thanks to his incredible chops and pop sensibilities, Tom is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. We caught up with him recently to just get some basics down on paper.

1. Tell us about what’s going on with Thank You Scientist and any other projects your working on.

We are currently super busy writing a new album and gearing up for our first major tour! We are driving ourselves crazy trying to push beyond what we did on our last album, “Maps of Non-Existent Places.” I’m also writing a jazz thing that will hopefully be complete before I’m too old to remember how to play the material. Also I’m working on growing a beard right now. I can use all the encouragement the general public is willing to offer.

2. You are a psychotically talented transcriber and songwriter. Can you tell us how ...
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Expert retro charms Expert retro charms
July 01st 2013
The Vigier Expert line has had some serious upgrading of late (teflon nut, flexretainer, stainless steel frets), now it is the looks departments turn, with two new 'retro' colours revealed.

First, unveiled at the winter NAMM 2013 show was the Normandy Red, now her sleek sister in Normandy Blue is here.

Colours inspired with all the charm and glam of a bygone era for guitars that exude the vibrance, tone and innovation of now.

The Expert. Tradition V Innovation.

Here is the technical info;

10/90 carbon reinforced neck, 22 frets (25.6" scale) - available with Rosewood or Maple fingerboard, Stainless Steel frets, Zero Fret, Teflon Nut, Flexretainer.
Vigier 2011 tremolo pivoting on needles bearings.
Body; French Alder
Pickups; DiMarzio DP416 / DP416 / DP408.
Finishes; Normandy Red and Normandy Blue.
Expert Retro '54 Normandy Blue

MusicNomad Equpiment Care; simply the best! MusicNomad Equpiment Care; simply the best!
June 05th 2013
MusicNomad is simply the best...according to industry chiefs at the NAMM show who voted MusicNomad's equipment care line as the best at this year's show.

Ask yourself; do you love your instrument and want to give it the best? Then there is only one solution, use MusicNomad equipment care products to look after your pride and joy.

MusicNomad uses only the highest quality ingredients such as White Brazilian Carnauba, added unique ingredients such as UV Protectants and Gloss Enhancers, and developed 100% non-toxic, non-abrasive ingredients. The bottles are even made of 100% PET plastic, the most earth and human friendly recyclable plastic.....oh, and it's great smelling too!
The MusicNomad family portrait

You might not want to watch this 14yr old girl playing guitar... You might not want to watch this 14yr old girl playing guitar...
May 28th 2013
We discovered this last week on YouTube and were staggered by her interpretation of the Eruption solo by Van Halen. Besides attacking the one of the most mythical and technical solos on the guitar, she does it with ease and a rare musical quality.

The popularity of this video has been incredible; 5,000,000 views on YouTube in one week, that represents more than 8 views per second!!

So we thank this 14yr old, Tina, proudly rockin' her Vigier Excalibur Custom in Deep Burgundy.
Watch the video!

Strap up! Strap up!
April 23th 2013
Vigier lovers will be happy to learn that two exclusive Vigier straps are now available;

- VSS7GP is a 5cm leather top / polypropylene back strap

Very high quality leather with a polypropylene support, chosen because it slides on the shoulder, leaving you free to move.

The length is adjustable and the Vigier 'V' logo is present.

- V17SS is a 6.3cm strap all leather (double face) strap.

High-class leather, flexible and particularly soft. It has a double topstitching for maximum solidity and is adjusted with the aid of 7 notches, which avoid any untimely fault.

Vigier 'V' logo is present and available in black or in white.

Both available go on, treat your guitar!
V17SS all leather Vigier strap

Who can you trust with your tone? Who can you trust with your tone?
March 14th 2013
The lights come on, the audience are screaming your name, you flick the standby switch of your beloved stack to 'on', dial the volume to '11', bang into the first chords of your next chart topping anthem and.....silence!!

For all your gleaming guitars, flashing stomp boxes and tight spandex pants, it is merely the humble cable that has let you down in your moment of stardom!

So, in this moment of blind panic - trying to find a replacement cable to join back in with the rest of the band, who are now already belting out the first chorus melodies - you realise you should have trusted your tone with a RapcoHorizon cable.

Made in the USA with their specialised, superior wire formation. RapcoHorizon, the only cable to be trusted with your tone!

RapcoHorizon cables include;

• Switchcraft/Neutrik connectors, with glued coverings for solder points, incorporating a ring reinforced insert.
• Special rubber shrink-wrap (where cable meets connector), providing extra support ...
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Vigier Guitars cleans up with MusicNomad Equipment Care Vigier Guitars cleans up with MusicNomad Equipment Care
February 11th 2013
Vigier Guitars, pioneers of carbon fiber technology, are proud to announce the exclusive partnership with MusicNomad Equipment Care for finishing and maintenance of our guitars. Master luthier, Patrice Vigier, explains why he is so excited about this partnership;

“For 30+ years, I have tried product after product to clean our painstakingly applied finishes. From traditional guitar polishes, to household and industrial cleaning products. In all this time I have never found a product that was as effective and eco-friendly as MusicNomad. Vigier Guitars is happy to use MusicNomad products exclusively for all our instrument care needs!”
MusicNomad Equipment Care

Expert Retro 54 Normandy Red Expert Retro 54 Normandy Red
February 08th 2013
In a tribute to those who fell on the beaches of Normandy liberating France, Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, unveiled at winter NAMM 2013, a brand new Expert...the Expert Retro '54 in Normandy Red.

Specs are as follows;

10/90 carbon reinforced neck, 22 frets (25.6" scale) - available with Rosewood or Maple fingerboard, Stainless Steel frets, Zero Fret, Teflon Nut, Flexretainer.
Vigier 2011 tremolo pivoting on needles bearings.
Body; French Alder
Pickups; DiMarzio DP416 / DP416 / DP408.
Finishes; Normandy Red.
Expert Retro 54 Normandy Red

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal Signature DoubleBfoot Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal Signature DoubleBfoot
February 07th 2013
Do not worry, you defiantly are seeing double!! At this year's NAMM show, Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology released the long sought after 'DoubleBfoot' - Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal's signature double neck guitar. Ron has been rocking this guitar on stages across the globe while on tour with Gun's N' Roses. The first 5 will all be personally signed by Ron himself.

Here are the specs for this beast;

2 x 10/90 carbon reinforced necks, both 24 frets (24.8" scale) - 1 fretted (with Rosewood fingerboard, Stainless Steel frets, Zero Fret, Teflon Nut, Flexretainer 'string tree') and 1 fretless (with Imetal fingerboard).
Vigier 2017 tremolo pivoting on needles bearings, resting flat on the body.
Body; Honduras Mahogany.
Pickups; DiMarzio 2 x Chopper / Tone Zone (w/ unique 5-way switching inc. out of phase).
Finishes; Black Matte or Gold.
Other; 2 x thimbles, with special magnetic cavity storage, for quick access.
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal Signature DoubleBfoot

Excalibur Special 2013 Limited Edition Excalibur Special 2013 Limited Edition
February 06th 2013
As well as the dark and mysterious Excalibur Thirteen, Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology also launched the Excalibur Special 2013 Limited Edition at this year's NAMM show.

Here we look at the specs of this beauty;

10/90 carbon reinforced neck, 24 frets (25.6" scale) - available with Rosewood or Maple fingerboard, Stainless Steel frets, Zero Fret, Teflon Nut and Flexretainer.
Vigier 2011 tremolo pivoting on needles bearings.
Body; French Alder with Maple top.
Pickups; DiMarzio PAF Pro / FS1 / Tone Zone,
Finishes; Aluminium Purple (w/ Matching mirror pickguard), Aluminium Black (w/ Matching mirror pickguard), Aluminium Green (w/ Matching mirror pickguard) and Aluminium Blue (w/ Matching mirror pickguard).
Excalibur Special 2013 Limited Edition

Excalibur Thirteen Excalibur Thirteen
February 05th 2013
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology has stunned those in attendances with some superb new releases for 2013, including two limited edition Excalibur models (the Excalibur Thirteen and Special). Over the next few days we will look at some of the highlights and stunning new models.

To start, we look at the specs for the Excalibur Thirteen;

10/90 carbon reinforced neck, 24 frets (25.6" scale) - available with Rosewood or Maple fingerboard, Stainless Steel frets, Zero Fret, Teflon Nut, Flexretainer.
Vigier 2011 tremolo pivoting on needles bearings.
Body; French Alder
Pickups; Amber 'Rock' w/ Killswitch.
Finishes; Volcano Red.
Excalibur Thirteen

Vigier UK Authorised Repair Centre: Smart Guitars Vigier UK Authorised Repair Centre: Smart Guitars
December 21st 2012
Even though Vigier build some of the most reliable instruments available, from time to time things can need repairing, or maybe you want a re-fret, fit new pickups or even just to return your axe back to 'factory set-up'.

Well Vigier now has an authorised UK repair centre for all these 'out of warranty' situations; Smart Guitars in Oxford.

Smart Guitars is the passion, hobby and business of Dave Smart, with support from a small, dedicated team of specialists. Dave has been a musician and gear enthusiast for over 30 years, and spent 20 years in music retail, most recently running the iconic Oxford Guitar Gallery in Summertown, Oxford.

Dave’s years of passion and dedication for all things guitar related are now put into caring for you, the client. From the workshop in the heart of Oxfordshire, Dave creates, repairs, cares for and maintains your most precious possessions so that you can enjoy them for years to come.
Smart Guitars

Paying extra for packaging you don Paying extra for packaging you don't need??
December 12th 2012
RapcoHorizon are committed to saving our environment, therefore they only use a simple, recyclable, cardboard slip to package their products. All you are paying for when purchasing your next USA made, RapcoHorizon cable, is a superior cable to preserve your killer tone!

Plug into a flawless RapcoHorizon cable and relax in the knowledge you have just purchased a quality cable you can trust, as used by professionals and venues throughout the world. All you need to worry about is writing that next chart-topping hit!!

RapcoHorizon cables include;

• Switchcraft/Neutrik connectors, with glued coverings for solder points, incorporating a ring reinforced insert.
• Special rubber shrink-wrap (where cable meets connector), providing extra support and resilience.
• Designed to deliver a flawless sound signal.
• High quality, durable cable - perfect for heavy abuse on stage.
• Recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging
• Extended warranty.
• Made in the USA.

RapcoHorizon ...
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The new Nomad Tool is not a sex toy for when you feel lonely... The new Nomad Tool is not a sex toy for when you feel lonely...
October 09th 2012
This patent pending, innovative design from MusicNomad, both extends the life and preserves the tone of strings, as well as cleaning body and hardware without any cleaning solutions.

The premium quality washable microfibre pad cleans on top AND underneath guitar strings in seconds. The 100% lint free microfibre pad protects frets and fretboard from getting damaged while at the same time cleaning them.

Also, the microfibre pad quickly cleans dust, grime and fingerprints on the instrument’s body as well as hard to reach areas. Turn it around to use the super soft, natural brush fibres as a cleaner for dust buildup and care on the body, bridge, pickups, saddles, tuners, headstock and more.

Cleaning off dust & grime is a must do before you apply any polish to avoid scratching the finish. The All in 1 Nomad Tool can be used on all electric and acoustic stringed instruments, drums, mixers, computers, pedals and more.

MN205 - The Nomad Tool
Watch the video!

Limited edition Pearl White Marilyn Limited edition Pearl White Marilyn
August 06th 2012
If you have been searching for a guitar that combines elegance, aggressiveness, originality and comfort, then look no further! Vigier presents, the limited edition Marilyn, in Pearl White (equipped with EMG pickups).

First released in 1983 and updated to the current specifications in 2008, the Marilyn is a unique classic from the Vigier family.

This latest version is equipped with an EMG 81 at the neck position and an EMG 85 at the bridge. If you are an expert, you will notice this configuration is the opposite of what is usually practised, but it turns out that having tested numerous configurations, it is what rings best.

This Marilyn is also equipped with the 10/90 carbon reinforced neck, Phenowood fingerboard and stainless steel frets (including a hardened zero fret).
See the beauty here

Guthrie Govan slides on the new Vigier Guthrie Govan slides on the new Vigier 'Imetal' Surfreter Special
May 24th 2012
Those very good gentlemen at iGuitar have just published a fantastic review of the new Vigier Sufreter Special Imetal.

And for your pleasure, it is Guthrie Govan "himself" who performed this test.

The in-depth article ends with a long video where Guthrie shows off all the workmanship of the instrument.

Furthermore to this test, Guthrie has ordered one of these new Imetal Surfreters for his next Vigier. ;-)
See the test

Masayoshi Yamashita – A Passion for Japan Masayoshi Yamashita – A Passion for Japan
March 29th 2012
Masayoshi Yamashita, bass player from Loudness and a friend of Vigier for many long years, has just used his new Arpege for the first time.

Named "Rising Sun", this Arpege had been given to Yamashita during Patrice Vigier’s trip to Japan in November, 2011.

His bass features a customised finish, according to his design of a rising black sun on the Natural Maple.

You can see it Live with Loudness in Tokyo on March 24th.

Put your sunglasses and click on link below:
Attention eyes!

New Excalibur Special 7 New Excalibur Special 7
January 25th 2012
One Beauty to Slay Them All

Taking a leap into 7 string mythology, Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, present the Excalibur Special 7.

Nothing but the finest French woods are used in the Alder body/Maple top construction and to add to the sonic sorcery, it is complete with the killswitch found on the Excalibur Bfoot and Kaos guitars.

This monster of a guitar also features everything you have come to expect from Vigier; carbon reinforced 10/90 neck, tremolo pivoting on needle bearings, stainless steel frets, hardened removable zero fret, removable Teflon nut, oversized locking tuners, Flexretainer string tree, brass locking end-pins, naturally dried woods for 3 years, varnish dried for 3 weeks… the ultimate 7.

Contact your nearest Vigier dealer for more info...

Excalibur Special 7. Brutality V Refinement.
Excalibur Special 7 in Ruby

High Tech Distribution UK Social Media High Tech Distribution UK Social Media
November 03th 2011
High Tech Distribution UK has now integrated its great new look website with a number of social media sites, the main and most important is A one-stop resource site for customers, fans and dealers alike. Providing a wealth of information including; product images, retail prices, press releases, posters, artist lists / images, reviews plus many other updates.

This social hub will be constantly active, running exclusive competitions and interlinking with all other social outlets associated with our UK brands to create an exciting, unique and dynamic experience for all internet users out there.

Not only do we have the Facebook site but also a new YouTube channel; This channel will feature various uploads, from official product reviews to bootleg footage taken at various clinics / promotions across the world. This will also feature a rare glimpse behind the scenes to the workings of HTD UK, our artists and brands we distribute.

Last but ...
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Guitarist Of The Year 2011 - Winner: Rick Graham Guitarist Of The Year 2011 - Winner: Rick Graham
September 08th 2011
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre, would like to congratulate Rick Graham, who has been crowned 'Guitarist Of The Year 2011', in association with Guitarist Magazine and Vigier guitars.

All the contenders played superbly and the competition was very close, but Rick's performance was just enough to beat the other finalists to the number one spot.

Rick was presented with an Excalibur Ultra as his prize and he had this comment on his fantastic achievement;

"I am totally blown away to have been chosen as the winner of 'Guitarist of the Year 2011'. It is an honour for me to receive a guitar from a luthier who is as passionate about building guitars as I am with making music. Thank you Patrice!"

Pictured L-R is Guitarist magazine editor Mick Taylor, winner Rick Graham and Vigier U.K. manager Ben Whatsley (holding a G.V.Wood in Purple Fade).
Watch Rick's Guitarist Of The Year 2011 winning performance!

Shining light on stage with DW drums and Music Nomad! Shining light on stage with DW drums and Music Nomad!
July 04th 2011
Just as the major brands of washing powder associate with builders of washing machines, DW drums announced the exclusive use of MusicNomad instrument care products to prepare the drums before they are shipped.

DW drums exclusively use the MusicNomad Drum Detailer whose non-greasy formula, without silicone, contains an anti-static agent and UV protection is the only product suitable for keeping DW drums in perfect condition and shining bright on stages around the world.

In addition to MusicNomad’s elite cleaning qualities, DW drums selected this product because it may be used without risk on any finish (even the more sensitive finishes and varnishes in production), ensuring that DW drums arrive at the showroom gleaming in the light – aftercare is then in your hands.

Demand the best for your instrument.
Demand the best for the environment.
Demand the best for yourself.
Believe in the best; MusicNomad instrument care.
DW uses MusicNomad Equipment Care

Vigier goes stainless steel Vigier goes stainless steel
June 08th 2011
It is official, now all Vigier guitars and basses are equipped with stainless steel frets.

One of the main advantages is that stainless steel frets are five times as resistant as nickel or nickel silver frets, furthermore, they have a softer and smoother feel because they generate less friction with the strings and finally, stainless steel frets guarantee maximum sustain.

The pioneering luthiers at Vigier invested a great deal of time and effort in the production of this technical innovation and we thank them for the investment.

Combining innovations of the 10/90® carbon reinforced neck, zero fret, teflon nut and the FlexRetainer®; the addition of stainless steel frets furthermore strengthens Vigier in its position of "finest neck on the market".
The Vigier neck

Believe in MusicNomad instrument care Believe in MusicNomad instrument care
May 25th 2011
Introducing the Californian based MusicNomad instrument care products.

For 15 years in the 90’s and 00’s as owner of a successful Car Cleaning company, Rand Rognlien, founder of MusicNomad, passionately lived and breathed cleaning by using quality and innovation to develop over 100 cleaning products and become the market leader. But during this time, Rand's love for Music was always pulling at him.

So in 2009, Rand set about working with a team of cleaning experts from around the world to develop the highest quality, environmentally friendly, Guitar and Drum care products.

MusicNomad's year of extensive research started with testing all the existing cleaners, polishes and waxes in the music industry. There were many things they did not like about the existing products that were very important to incorporate into their own product line. First they developed proprietary formulations, testing them over and over with musicians, guitar / drum techs and repair shops to perfect their ...
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The G.V. conquers England! The G.V. conquers England!
April 20th 2011
The awards keep coming for our stunning G.V. series guitars. After being elected Guitar of the Year by the English magazine Guitar Buyer, our latest triumph is best electric guitar at the Winter NAMM 2011 by another English magazine: Guitarist.

Guitarist magazine put the G.V.Wood Mahogany on top of a ranking of 50 new products on show at the Winter NAMM 2011.

In the photo; the body of a G.V.Wood Mahogany (Honduras mahogany), in Light Amber finish.
The G.V.Wood limited edition

French and British Accord French and British Accord
March 15th 2011
On other news the accord between the French and the British seems to have gone further than political policies. Guitar Buyer Magazine, U.K. has voted Vigier's G.V.Rock as best guitar 2010. This vote has confirmed the success this guitar is having since its launch in 2009.

Here's what's said;
"This really is one of those guitars that exceeds your expectations.
On first glance you really do think you know what your are going to get, but the G.V. simply surprises you at each turn. Both beautifully engineered and crafted, yet never feeling anything less than organic, the guitar is extremely comfortable to play and easy to get on with. From its great feel through to the never-less-than-impressive tones, the G.V.Rock is a refreshing revelation that is both versatile and 'unputdownable'."

The Blackout The Blackout's Matthew Davies uses the Vigier G.V.Wood as weapons of choice!
March 05th 2011
Uprising UK stars The Blackout, are currently embarking on touring duties in support of the forthcoming new release - simply titled 'Hope' - and guitarist Matthew Davies, will be sporting a duet of Vigier G.V.Wood's as his weapons of choice.

Matthew was looking for a guitar with the power and 'thump' of a Les Paul style guitar without the weight and playability issues, that could also stand up to the constant demands of gigging night after night. After years playing many different guitars yet never feeling fully satisfied, he finally plugged in a Vigier G.V.Wood. Matthew was immediately taken with the G.V.Wood's immense power, silky sustain and beautiful, rich tones. Together with the added craftsmanship benefits of the G.V.Wood, Matthew didn't hesitate in converting to playing Vigierguitars exclusively.

Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre, are very excited to welcome Matthew Davies to the family of worldwide artists and look forward to working with one of the cream of the next generation ...
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Vigier limited edition... Vigier limited edition...
January 21st 2011
Here is the latest gem to come out of the Vigier workshops; a G.V.Wood in Mahogany!

This limited version of the G.V.Wood features not only the body of the guitar crafted from the world's finest quality Honduras Mahogany but also the headstock finished with the same Mahogany... This sublime guitar was presented at the Winter NAMM 2011 show in Anaheim, California.
The G.V.Wood limited edition

Vigier celebrates thirty year’s of excellence Vigier celebrates thirty year’s of excellence
June 24th 2010
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre, celebrates thirty years of excellence in handcrafting instruments.

Vigier has always strived to be different, not just to ‘follow the herd’ but to look at problems facing players, to think ‘outside the box’ and find solutions that enhance an instrument’s capability. This very invigorating approach has provided musicians with some ground-breaking solutions. This attitude was typified back in 1982 when Vigier presented the Nautilus System - the very first ‘memory guitar’, which integrated a micro computer to help memorize the sounds made with the EQs.

Vigier has graced players across the world with many innovations, notably in 1989 when the10/90 neck system was introduced, combining 10% carbon fibre with 90% wood as this legendary advance gave Vigier guitars superior stability and sustain. Previous to this Vigier were the first pioneers to utilise carbon fibre in 1984, using 100% carbon fibre necks before later switching to the 10/90 system.

Once ...
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Simon Rowlands and Vigier Excess with My Passion Simon Rowlands and Vigier Excess with My Passion
May 06th 2010
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, are extremely pleased to welcome ‘My Passion’ bassist ‘Simon Rowlands’ to our family of artists.

Simon’s energetic performances and infectious Bass groves have helped propel Electro-Metal band ‘My Passion’ to the forefront of the UK music scene. Simon quotes; “My Vigier Excess II Original is the best Bass I have ever played. The active circuitry and pickups make it so juicy and punchy in the low end but still retains the crispness in the highs! It’s the perfect bass for any dynamic bass player. You will never have played or heard anything as good as a Vigier!”

With the release of the bands debut album acquiring critical acclaim and a new album for 2010 in the works you can see and hear Simon and his Vigier Excess II Original Bass as ‘My Passion’ infect a sound system near you!
My Passion

Kaos in the Excalibur line Kaos in the Excalibur line
February 18th 2010
Vigier, the pioneers of carbon fiber technology, put Kaos in the Excalibur Range by launching its first reverse headstock guitars.

This is not the only innovation; the Kaos is loaded with two hand made humbuckers from Amber with the traditional wiring for Vigier; Humbucker 1 / Single 1 / Humbucker 1&2 / Single 2 / Humbucker 2. It is also fitted with the Killswitch that originally appeared on the Excalibur Bfoot Signature.

This model is equipped with the unique non-locking tremolo mounted on ball bearings as well as benefiting from the latest innovation of the brand; a string retainer called the ‘Flexretainer’ that eliminates all friction at this level, again improving the tuning stability.
Excalibur Kaos

G.V.Wood 90 G.V.Wood 90
January 18th 2010
Vigier, the pioneers of carbon fiber technology, blow out its initial candle of the G.V. line by launching the first Vigier guitar to be equipped with P90 pickups.

Once again Vigier do not follow everybody’s common belief; instead they are collaborating with a pickup company from northern Europe - the G.V.Wood 90 will therefore feature a set of Ludgren P90 Vintage pickups.

Just like other G.V.s this model has a lengthy, strong and true sustain enhanced by the hot vibes of the Ludgren.
G.V.Wood 90

And 5 And 5
January 11th 2010
Some artists such as Roger Glover of Deep Purple have made the Excess 4 string popular but the Vigier bass community has asked for more since the launch of the Excess series in 1996. This is why Vigier, the pioneers of carbon fiber technology, launch the first Excess 5 string Bass.

Like all Vigier 5 string basses, this instrument glows by the quality of the low B string response in both frequency and dynamics. This is achieved by the use of the 10/90 system, a system that reinforces the neck with a carbon fiber strip. A set of Delano pickups and a 3 band EQ by Vigier relay the quality tone of the instrument.

This 5 string completes the series and allows the Excess to rock the foundations.
Excess 5

Christophe Godin 10th Anniversary Excalibur Christophe Godin 10th Anniversary Excalibur
January 04th 2010
To celebrate 10 years of collaboration between Christophe Godin and Vigier, the pioneer of carbon fiber, we proudly present the Christophe Godin Excalibur.
The Christophe Godin Excalibur shares the same characteristics as those of the Excalibur Supra with the following modifications:
- Fatter neck
- Higher fretwire
- Pickups DiMarzio Chopper / FS1 / Tone Zone
- Personalized ‘Fluoblack’ Finish
- Matching headstock
- Pickguard matched with the body and engraved on the lower edge with a drawing of Christophe Godin
- Tuned one whole step down to ‘D’ (low to high; D, G, C, F, A, D)
- Ernie Ball 11-54 gauge strings
- Series limited to 20 instruments
The result is a guitar with the character of the artist and strength of 10 years teamwork together.
Christophe Godin 10th Anniversary Excalibur

James Lomenzo gets heavy with Vigier James Lomenzo gets heavy with Vigier
December 10th 2009
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, are extremely pleased to welcome legendary bassist ‘James Lomenzo’ to our family of Vigier artists.

James, bass playing master, has been performing with his favourite Vigier 5 string Passion bass on Megadeth’s current world tour.

James says he is “honoured to be associated with these great basses” – just as we are honoured to have such a legend trust in Vigier to keep him thundering on stage night after night.
James Lomenzo and his Passion 5 string

Vigier Artist Lapiro de Mbanga in Prison Vigier Artist Lapiro de Mbanga in Prison
November 25th 2009
Cameroon artist, Lapiro de Mbanga, a Vigier artist for over 20 years, has been put in jail for political reasons by the Cameroon government.

Lapiro de Mbanga is very well know in Cameroon for his political position against injustice and has been a victim of repression on several occasions, but this time things have gone far.

After Cameroon's president, Paul Biya, modified the constitution in his favor, giving himself the right to run for as many mandates as he wants, Lapiro de Mbanga released a CD and DVD to denounce these changes in the constitution in a new song titled, "Constitution Constipée" ("Constitution Constipated ").

In February 2008, Cameroon was shacked by demonstrations and the government jumped on this opportunity to arrest artists like Lapiro and his friend, Joe la Conscience, accusing both of them of looting when in fact they were helping the population.

At the same time the government confiscated all of Lapiro's CD's and DVDs of "Constitution Constipée".

Lapiro ...
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RapcoHorizon shrink-wrap cables – Saviours of the Planet RapcoHorizon shrink-wrap cables – Saviours of the Planet
June 08th 2009
RapcoHoizon shrink-wrap cables are the finest quality cables you will find on the market, today. With their specialised, superior wire formation, you can now finally purchase a cable you can trust to last forever!

RapcoHorizon shrink-wrap cables features include: -

· Switchcraft connectors with glued coverings for the solder points incorporating a ring reinforced insert.

· High quality, durable cable, perfect for heavy abuse on stage and designed to deliver a flawless sound signal.

· Special rubber shrink-wrap (where the cable meets the connector) providing extra support and resilience.

· Lifetime warranty.

· Made in the USA.

RapcoHorizon are committed to help save our environment and therefore use only a simple recyclable cardboard slip to package their products.

RapcoHorizon believes consumers should no longer pay for fancy, bulky packaging they do not need. Instead when you purchase a RapcoHorizon product you can be assured in the knowledge ...
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Dudley Ross Dudley Ross
April 14th 2009
Vigier endorsee Dudley Ross will release his debut album, ‘The Note That Told A Thousand Tales’ on 27th April 2009.

The album, which took twenty-eight years to write and seven months to record features some of the worlds finest musicians; Fellow Vigier endorsee Christophe Godin (Metal Kartoon & The Mörgibl Trio), Simon Foster (The Flying Pickets), Jonathan Noyce (Jethro Tull, Gary Moore), Paul Booth (Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton), Sharon D Clarke (Killer Queen in We Will Rock You) and Jason McCluskey (White City, Zambu).

Dudley, who is known for his work with the powerhouse rock band SIZEN (, had the opportunity to show another side to his composition with tracks ‘Only You Know’, a beautiful jazz ballad and ‘CT’, a homage to African music.
There is also plenty of rock on the album, with tracks such as ‘G&R’, where Dudley and Christophe Godin go head to head in a blistering instrumental.

You can get your hands on ‘The Note That Told A Thousand Tales’ directly from ...
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Bfoot 2009 Bfoot 2009
March 04th 2009
At the end of last year, Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre, had the idea of paying tribute to one of their most faithful endorsers, Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot " Thal!

While visiting the Vigier factory, Ron Thal literally fell in love with colours "Textured Black" and "Black Sparkle".

Patrice Vigier, therefore decided for 2009 only, to make the Vigier Bfoot Signature guitar with these two special colours, complete with matching headstock!

This is not all, the 2009 limited edition Bfoot model is also equiped with a killswitch located near the volume control for more sound effects. Of course, all the unique characteristics found on the standard Vigier Bfoot model are also present; 10/90 neck system, DiMarzio pickups, tremolo pivots on bearings, removable thimble for slide, 5-way selector switch and hardened zero fret.
Bfoot 2009

Aziz Ibrahim, from ragas to rock... Aziz Ibrahim, from ragas to rock...
January 26th 2009
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre are pleased to welcome Stone Roses guitarist Aziz Ibrahim to the family of Vigier players.

Aziz is a highly respected songwriter/guitarist who has also performed with some of the most influential artists across the world including: Simply Red, Asia, Ian Brown and Paul Weller.

Aziz will use the Excalibur Supra Surfreter for his own unique fretless playing style he calls 'the asian blues'.

Vigier guitars proudly present Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal UK meet n’ greets Vigier guitars proudly present Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal UK meet n’ greets
December 04th 2008
Vigier guitars are proud to present Ron Thal aka Bumblefoot for two very special UK meet n greets. This will be the only public UK appearance for a member of Guns N Roses this year.

With the release of Bumblefoot’s latest solo album ‘Abnormal’ earlier in the year and last week’s release of the hotly anticipated Guns N Roses album ‘The Chinese Democracy’, UK fans of both Bumblefoot and Guns N Roses will have the opportunity to meet and talk to Ron about his playing, experiences and life in Guns N Roses.

Ron is very excited to take time out of his busy schedule to visit the UK and is looking forward to spending some time meeting the fans.

Details and times and venues for these events are as follows;

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal - UK meet n greets
Saturday December 13th London, UK

11:00-12:45 Rough Trade Records
Rough Trade East
'Dray Walk'
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL
020 7392 7790

14:15-15:30 Chappell of Bond Street
152-160 Wardour Street
W1F ...
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Pascal Mulot Gets The Low Down On Vigier Pascal Mulot Gets The Low Down On Vigier
November 27th 2008
Vigier, the pioneer of carbon-fiber technology in guitar design, is pleased to welcome esteemed bassist Pascal Mulot into the family of Vigier artists. Mulot has been surrounded by music from an early age, as his father was a jazz musician who played upright bass.

Inspired by his father's legacy, in 1991 Mulot became the first rock bassist in France to record a solo album, Purple Eyes. The follow up, Bass And Love, was released in 1994, and his third disc, Can You Hear Me, Jay?, came out in 1998. Look for Mulot's new album, Tsar Bomba, in January 2009. Some tracks on this latest disc were recorded with a Vigier Passion Custom 4-string fretless Delta Metal.

Mulot's unique style and innovative use of the bass have earned high praise, leading him to share the stage with many top artists such as Steve Vai, Blues Saraceno, Simon Phillips, TM Stevens, and Steve Lukather.

Mulot has chosen a Passion Series IV 4-string bass in Deep Burgundy as his weapon of choice. "This is a bass with ...
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Rapco are pleased to announce the launch of the breakthrough LTI-100 (Laptop interface)
November 06th 2008
"This new stereo interface is perfect for connecting laptops or MP3 players (or indeed any other 3.5mm audio products) to a professional mixer. The LTI-100 is equipped with a built in ground-lift switch, 20db pad and left / right XLR outputs. Rapco recognized there is not a quality way to interface consumer electronic devises into a professional audio system. The LTI-100 was designed to bridge that gap, providing versatility and convenience in a user-friendly plug-and-play product."

The LTI-100 Laptop interface is available to order now through all good music stores.

Login and use our new dealer interface to view real-time guitars currently available in your country Login and use our new dealer interface to view real-time guitars currently available in your country
October 17th 2008
You can now use our real-time dealer interface to view the actual guitars dealers currently have in stock to purchase or try in your country.

To take advantage of this special feature use the ‘login’ panel located at the top right of our website and register your details – this will direct our dealer information to your country of origin.

Once you have registered and logged in you will then be able to navigate to the product pages to view the guitar or bass you are interested in – here you will notice some separate tabs including; Description, Colours, Sounds and videos, Buy this article, Dealers and Documentation.

If you see the “Buy this article” tab you will be able to click on this to learn which dealers currently have this guitar in stock, along with more information including; colour, any special options, the current selling price, any shipping costs and contact details.

This tool is designed to help you locate and purchase the Vigier guitars or basses you are looking ...
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Vigier presents Christophe Offredi Vigier presents Christophe Offredi
September 29th 2008
Vigier, the carbon fiber pioneer, has just welcomed a new member to the Vigier family of endorsees, Christophe Offredi , guitarist of the « power metal » band, Eternal Flight.

It has been a while since Christophe is playing with a Vigier Excalibur Custom and also with a Vigier Supra 7 String. According to him, they are ''very expressive instruments, made with remarkable handcrafted work.
For a long time I've been looking for a guitar capable of giving a clear sound as well as response to heavy distorted sounds - Both with a fantastic touch. This is why I've chosen Vigier!''

Discover Christophe Offredi's style by watching a series of videos featuring his Vigier Excalibur Custom and his Vigier Supra 7 string :

Excalibur Battle
4ème dimension
Supra ...
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Bumblefoot: "ABNORMAL" CD coming July 1st ! Bumblefoot: "ABNORMAL" CD coming July 1st !
June 30th 2008
“Abnormal”, the follow-up to Thal’s previous offering “Normal”, is a hard rock album flavored with a light-hearted mix of different styles and genres, with catchy hooks and blistering guitar work. When asked about the new project, Thal had the following to say: “It was October last year, I was about to fly into a fucking rage, went to go crash out at the studio, and all these songs just started flying out of my head. Spent the next few months recording drums, bass, guitars, vocals, opera singers and tuba players. Some people heard it and said it reminds them of the Sex Pistols with a little Beatles/Queen vibe to it. Didn't have a plan, just did what I felt, and in the end this is what I got.”
Bumblefoot official site

Guns~N~Roses Guitarist BUMBLEFOOT to Create ALL-STAR BAND - In support of 2008 ROCK AGAINST DIABETES Charity Concert Guns~N~Roses Guitarist BUMBLEFOOT to Create ALL-STAR BAND - In support of 2008 ROCK AGAINST DIABETES Charity Concert
May 02nd 2008
Guns~N~Roses Guitarist BUMBLEFOOT to Create ALL-STAR BAND

In support of 2008 ROCK AGAINST DIABETES Charity Concert

HOLLYWOOD, CA (May 1, 2008) - Guns N Roses guitarist Ron Thal (aka Bumblefoot) has committed himself to this years Rock Against Diabetes event by orchestrating an All Star Band composed of top metal/rock artists of the last two decades.

"I want to help bring attention, awareness, and hopefully get some people thinking about what they can do to prevent diabetes, or how they can lend a hand to someone living with it" explains Thal. "I have been reaching out to musicians to form a group that hasn't ever played together before, something very special just for this one night. This is an important event, and it's a privilege to be able to participate.

Participants of the All Star Band, yet to be named will be announced once they commit to the project. More information on the All Star Band, as well as current and any other lineup changes can be found at ...
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New guitar for Cristophe Godin New guitar for Cristophe Godin
April 02nd 2008
Christophe Godin is a fun vector.
After a neon yellow/blue/pink guitar and a sparkle gold one,
last week we finished an orange guitar !

This one sure isn't for everyone, but Christophe
is the keeper of disco, kitsch and fun !

Lately a few special orders came out of our
production floor, and it seems like funky colours are back.
Check out the Museum section of the forum,
we'll post a new funky guitar picture every week this spring ^^
Orange Guitar

Vigier unveils the new Passion series IV Bass... Vigier unveils the new Passion series IV Bass...
February 13th 2008
Vigier exclusively unveiled the new 'Passion Series IV’ basses with a totally new design and unique electronics at the 2008 Winter NAMM show.

In addition to the carbon-reinforced neck (instead of a traditional truss rod), the Passion IV features a bolt on neck and alder body with maple cap and back. This is a design that was specifically created to ensure a total stability of the instrument in terms of sound, action and resistance to even extreme climate changes. It is 100% reliable.

The innovation doesn't stop here; the Passion IV is equipped with pickups by Delano as well as sharing the same 3-band EQ electronics - exclusively designed by Glockenklang – found on the stunning Excess II Roger Glover series basses.

If Vigier, the carbon fiber pioneer, is already a reference for professional bass players around the world, maybe it's time for you to invest in a really serious bass as well...
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Happy Excalloween Happy Excalloween
October 31st 2007
Halloween; Jack-o’ lanterns, walking pumpkins vampires and mischievous children screaming “trick or treat”…

Well, one of our luthiers, who may actually be a werewolf, decided to create his very own Exclloween guitar. Unfortunately, we cannot sell this guitar, as we had to sacrifice a few innocent souls in order to complete a forbidden ritual and fear it might be haunted.

You can, however, still visit the Vigier Museum section of our forum each week to get a glimpse of all the crazy instruments we have made for artists, discontinued products etc…
Vigier Museum

Limited Edition Walnut tops Limited Edition Walnut tops
August 29th 2007
Vigier, pioneers of carbon fiber technology, are extremely proud to announce the exclusive release of the highly desirable finest French Walnut tops.

Walnut has a unique warmth and tonal depth, incorporating the snappy attack and solid lows of Ash, smooth highs like Mahogany and textured mids heard in Alder.

Our supplies of this beautifully figured speciality wood, are of limited quantities and are available on the Excalibur Special, Custom, Ultra and Ultra Blues guitars.
Excalibur Ultra Walnut Top

New Deep Purple DVD New Deep Purple DVD
June 28th 2007
The new Deep Purple DVD, "They all came down to Montreux", is the first to present the band performing live the tracks from their album "Rapture of the deep". It also contains all the classics you want to hear and a new exclusive song. Montreux has always been a favourite DP venue, and inspired the classic "Smoke on the water", the most famous guitar riff ever!

Roger Glover was, as usual, playing Vigier basses.
The Roger Glover Signature model, created in collaboration with Roger, is already very popular worldwide.

The Montreux jazz festival was celebrating its 40th Birthday.
Deep Purple have been rocking around for about 40 years too, and it seems like they're not about to stop.

"They all came down to Montreux" Live 2006 is available through Eagle Vision.

Vigier Excess Roger Glover

Vigier Message Board Vigier Message Board
May 22nd 2007
The new Vigier user's forum has now been online and running for a few hours.

Come and share your passion for music!
If you're planning on buying a guitar, or just need information, we will be pleased to answer all of your questions.

You can also create a profile including pictures MP3s and Videos to share with fellow members.

Let's Rock and Roll !!
Vigier Forum

Vigier adds left handed models to its Excalibur guitar series Vigier adds left handed models to its Excalibur guitar series
December 20th 2006
Vigier, pioneer's of carbon fiber will add 2 new left handed models to its successful Excalibur guitar line.These new guitars will be presented at the upcoming Winter NAMM trade show in Anaheim, California.

The models that were chosen by Patrice Vigier and his team to respond to the demand of the left handed community, are the Excalibur Special and the Indus. Both models feature the 10/90 Neck System (10% carbon reinforcement and 90% wood) and the company's exclusive non-locking tremolo mounted on ball bearings.

Due to the combination of the tremolo mounted on ball bearings and the 10/90 Neck System, tuning stability remains very good even during intense tremolo use.

Just like the rest of the line, these new left handed models will benefit from a two year limited guarantee.

A high resolution picture is available on the web at the following address:
Excalibur Twins

UK Office UK Office
December 19th 2006
From January 2007 Vigier, the carbon fiber pioneer, will be operating a UK office under the name of High Tech Distribution UK.

Vigier Guitars has appointed Ben Whatsley as the new sales manager for the company's guitar and basses in the UK.

Ben Whatsley is well respected for his successful management of both Wembley Guitar Centre and the rock department of Percy Prior's Music in Salisbury.

Ben Whatsley has significant experience of playing and selling Vigier guitars, as well as basses for over six years. His unique product knowledge will enable him to assist with all aspects of the distribution, supply and support of Vigier within the UK.

Vigier was started in 1980 and is renowned for such innovative ideas as the revolutionary 10/90 Neck System.

A high resolution picture is available on the web at the following address:

June 14th 2006
Roger Glover and Vigier Guitars are proud to announce the release of the Excess Roger Glover signature bass.

With over a 100 million albums sold with Deep Purple or as a producer of bands like Status Quo, Rainbow, White Snake etc... , Roger Glover is undoubtedly one of the most successful bass players of the hard rock scene and also the first and only bass player in the world to own a Vigier signature bass.

This bass features an Excess alder body with a maple top, phosphorescent dots on the fingerboard (available in rosewood or maple), phosphorescent contours around the knobs and a brand new 3-band EQ electronic designed by Glockenklang amplifiers.

Vigier has been building guitars and basses since 1980 and was founded by Patrice Vigier. Vigier is recognized for its pioneer use of advanced carbon fibre technology, innovations and high quality products.

Vigier guitars and basses are entirely hand made in France.

A high resolution picture of the Excess Roger Glover is available ...
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April 20th 2006
For rapid stage whirlers that want to avoid the crushing and crashing experience of dropping their precious guitar because of a strap button that is not securely in place, Vigier, the carbon fiber pioneer, has come to the rescue.

Patrice Vigier and his team have designed an end pin older with a brass casing that inserts deep into the body and locks the strap button in place.

The design is exclusive and is only offered on Vigier guitars and basses.

A high resolution picture of the secured strap button is available on the web at the following address:

January 14th 2006
Bumblefoot and Vigier Guitars are proud to announce the release of the Excalibur Bfoot signature guitar. After several years of close collaboration with Vigier guitars, Bumblefoot has now entered the very private club of Vigier signature guitar players.

This amazing guitar features the pickup routing Bumblefoot designed, a tremolo, mounted on roller bearings, that rests on the body, a rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets, a hardened zero fret and, like the other Excalibur, the 10/90 carbon fibre/maple wood neck system.

Finally, Bumblefoot's inventiveness has made use of a sewing thimble as a bottle neck. It's been conveniently placed on the guitar body so it can be easily used and replaced.
Vigier Bumblefoot Signature Model

February 14th 2005
Shawn Lane's family and Vigier Guitars are proud to announce the release of the Excalibur Shawn Lane signature guitar; an improved replica of the guitar he exclusively played from 1995 when he first met Vigier, until his death in 2003.

The most important and original details in this guitar are:
1. A flat fingerboard
2. A shorter scale compared to the rest of the Excaliburs that measures 630mm / 24,8"
3. Its exceptional low action; string height is at 0,7 mm / 0,027" from the 12th fret

Like the other Excaliburs, it features the 10/90 carbon fiber/maple wood neck system, a tremolo that pivots on ball bearings to reduce friction, 24 frets, and a hardened zero fret.

The Shawn Lane signature guitar is very easy to play and ideal for guitarists that want to shred.

It will be presented at the NAMM show, hall C, booth no. 4262 on the Salwender International stand.

Vigier has been building guitars and basses since 1980 and was founded by Patrice Vigier. Vigier is recognized for ...
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Indus now available in TextWhite Indus now available in TextWhite
January 01st 2004
Vigier will unveil at the upcoming Winter NAMM show in January its Indus guitar in a new colour : TextWhite. A pickguard with a binding in black has been fitted to add class and refine it.

Before this update, the Indus (first made in 1999) was only available in TextBlack.

The finish has a granite feel and five years later, its quality has remained unmatched in the industry.

Features on the Indus are a 10/90 Neck System (maple wood, bolt-on neck reinforced with carbon fiber,) Vigier's non-locking tremolo mounted on ball bearings -made to rival with locking ones, locking machine heads, and two PAF humbuckers by DiMarzio. Sound on this model stands out because it is the most rich and classic of all of the Vigier range.

Vigier the carbon fiber pioneer has been making high quality and innovative instruments since 1980.

A high resolution picture of the Excalibur Indus in TextWhite is available on the web at the following address:

Vigier presents a new memory guitar Vigier presents a new memory guitar
March 01st 2003
At the upcoming Musik Messe in Frankfurt, Germany, Vigier Guitars will present a prototype of its new memory guitar, able to memorize up to 17 pickup combinations as well as, its volume and tone control setting.

The memory system memorizes a passive sound but, WILL NOT MODIFY the original sound of the pickups.

The guitar is MIDI compatible meaning that sound changes can be made through any MIDI device such as, a pedal board, effect, etc… and accept up to 128 program changes.

Vigier is not a novice. In 1983, the company produced the world's first memory guitar, known as the Nautilus. See archives! The main difference with this new model, is that it's much more easier to use yet, as efficient. Also as far as the company knows, it is again, unique.

The prototype can be seen and heard on Vigier stand no. D70 in hall 4.0.


The 17 pickup combinations are as follows on the presented model:

The pickup toggle switches on the guitar work as follows: ...
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New bass, Excess Indus New bass, Excess Indus
January 01st 2003
Vigier Guitars, pioneers of carbon fiber technology, are presenting at the winter NAMM Show the Excess Indus bass.

Like the Excess Original, it features a carbon fiber neck reinforcement system called 10/90 (10% carbon and 90% maple) and two single-coil pickups coupled with a hum canceling circuit.

The sound of this professional bass is full with a lot of room that cuts through. It was truly designed for live performances as well as studio recording.

The Excess Indus bass features the same textured black finish used on the Excalibur Indus guitar. Combined with black hardware, this unique finish gives the Indus a high tech and classy look.

A high resolution picture is available on the web at the following address:

Tim Donahue signs with EMI-Toshiba : Tim Donahue signs with EMI-Toshiba :
January 01st 2003
Vigier Guitars endorsee, TIM DONAHUE has been signed to the EMI-Toshiba label for his new album, "MADMEN & SINNERS".

The album features Donahue's virtuosic fretless guitar work on the Vigier Surfreter Supra.

Working with Tim on this major production is the #1 voice in progressive heavy metal today, JAMES LABRIE of DREAM THEATER.

MADMEN & SINNERS is scheduled for release in 2003.

In addition, TIM DONAHUE can be heard on the newly released GUITARS FOR FREEDOM VOL. 2, which features other guitarists such as Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Steve Lukather.

Find more information on our web site and a JPEG photo of TIM DONAHUE at

Walter Trout Expert in Blues Walter Trout Expert in Blues
January 01st 2003
Vigier, the advanced guitar designer, is proud to welcome L.A.Music Award Blues phenomena, Walter Trout to Vigier's circle of artists and users.

With a reputation for rippin' licks alongside the greatest names in blues including John Lee Hooker, Big Mama Thornton, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and Canned Heat, the Vigier Expert series guitar provides extreme value to his stage performance.

With Trout's on stage ability and his Vigier guitar, he keeps the art of blues thriving and vivacious. "My Vigier Expert guitar plays great and sounds awesome. It has an especially full and clear tone down on the lower strings. A lot of guitars tend to get muddy in that area, but not my Vigier. The sustain is incredible but not at the expense of the clarity of tone. It stays in tune very well through all my crazed bending of strings. It plays with lots of ease and a minimum of effort. It's an awesome guitar," says Trout. Beyond any doubt, Vigier's scorching guitar sound enhances the boundaries ...
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